A Dramatic Tale

Act 1 Scene 1 Early morning. A provincial railway platform. The place is falling into disrepair: graffiti; defunct vending machines; a boarded-up café. A Man, probably in his late thirties, walks along the edge of the platform. Intermittently he stops and, stooping, sifts through the gravel chips on the tracks. Mostly he flings the things… Continue reading A Dramatic Tale


Labour’s Long and Winding Road Back to Power

Is Labour finished? To many people, this is a no-brainer. The story goes something like this. Labour will collapse in the North and will be squeezed out in the south by a resurgent Liberal Democrats, allowing the Conservatives to dominate the political landscape forever. Out of Labour’s ashes, a new political party will emerge, combining… Continue reading Labour’s Long and Winding Road Back to Power