The Labour Party is Beyond Salvation

The Labour Party no longer functions as an effective opposition and its chances of winning an election are virtually nil—believing otherwise is not only fallacious, but toes the line of delusion. When did this descent into the electoral abyss begin? It would be easy to point a finger in Jeremy Corbyn’s general direction. He has… Continue reading The Labour Party is Beyond Salvation

Library Finds

13th February, 2017

Today, for no reason I selected Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project from a shelf in the library. Hesitating before the substantial tome, I read what was available to the unsubscribed browser of T.J. Clark’s review of the momentous Harvard University Press translation of 1999, on the LRB website. Clark is evasive but offers enough to give… Continue reading 13th February, 2017

Essay, Serial

On the Limitations of the Citizen – Part I

In the last decade you may have noticed something appearing more frequently in your social media feed. Amongst the selfies and memes and usually accompanied with the commons green and portcullis—the symbols of constitutional democracy in the United Kingdom—you may find an e-petition. In a rare break from tradition (hold the pen and clipboard please)… Continue reading On the Limitations of the Citizen – Part I


Opinion: Trump, May, and the Peril of the Liberal Order

In the brief interlude between Donald Trump’s election victory in November 2016 and his inauguration in January 2017 the world held its breath. The transitional months between the outgoing Obama administration and the incoming Trump administration proved to be above all, reflective. Questions were raised by the dumbfounded asking both how as well as the rather more… Continue reading Opinion: Trump, May, and the Peril of the Liberal Order